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hi i starting work on Geometry Builder tools ( still work on translate ShaderBuilder Documentation : a few day to finish)


benefit: very low resource 

help to generate wall - surface - stair ...

you can use shape for make your 3d geometry





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@NasimiAsl You are always making such amazingly smart stuff that I feel I would love to use but I have no clue what I could use it for :D

I could imagine this could be evolved into a very pro (expensive) tool for building designers and architects to prototype, since they can quickly sketch layouts and ideas for new malls and business parks.
Maybe you should develop it in that direction and get rich :D


Btw you could incorporate this browser-based SVG editor into your tool if you like - its open source so you could modify it to generate exactly what you need to build the 3d directly: https://github.com/SVG-Edit/svgedit

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