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[solved] PG Error: this._joints is undefined


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Hi guys!  I have seen some errors:   this._joints is undefined   ...in the playground, lately.  Is anyone interested in being told about this?  :)

My latest error happened with a playground that had a mesh.setPhysicsState call, but there was no scene.enablePhysics.  I disabled the user's setPhysicsState call, then tried to reRUN.  Joints error.  This error seems to require a playground reload... to clear the error.

6 times in 2 days.  *shrug*  I'll keep investigating and report news.

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Hi R!  Certainly. I should have included one in the first post.   http://playground.babylonjs.com/#TDM98#2

Run that a second time, and you should see the error... no need to watch console.  Thanks for taking a look!  And thanks for info about register collision callback in the other thread, too.  Good to know.  Talk again soon.

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Oh! Nasty dispose problem! :)

Ok, I know where the problem is. Will fix it in my next commit. Probably this evening. The problem is that the editor is trying to dispose the scene, and all impostors created, but the imposter was not really created and still trying to dispose itself. 

Fun fun fun!

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A bit off-topic, but Intellisense will not work on the BABYLONX namespace. It is not automatic, this must be added (kind'a) manually to the editor. Notice that intellisense is also not yet updated to 2.4, as this is not the simplest thing to do. I think @davrous will be able to explain better than me.

But to make a long story short - intellisense will never work for other namespaces or other extensions (doesn't matter the namespace), and will be updated for 2.4 once 2.4 will be final.

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