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Any tool available for UI design ?


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Haven't used it yet, but Adobe is working on Adobe XD, currently free to use for Mac users. It's just for prototyping though, and you have limited animation options. As far as designing custom animations for production, there's nothing really. You could make the animations in After Effects, and reference them while coding. That's what a lot of the UX community does. 

The best library to use for UI animation is Greensock, although there's an annual fee in some cases. 

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Thanks @Mike018, Adobe XD is interesting but looks more appropriate for mobile apps rather than games.

In all my previous games I used to "prepare" the UI assets in Gimp, convert them to sprite atlases and then manually position and animate them in Phaser using tweens. I was looking for ways to do this in a tool and export the result to Phaser directly.

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