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help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon


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@angeltrickz Hi and welcome to the forum :)

You have the old "spaghetti monster" which can be caused by one or more issues with the settings in Blender. Can you post your .blend file so I can look?

And what version of the Blender exporter are you using?

cheers, gryff :)

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@angeltrickz : Ok angel, I have it working.:) Unfortunately, you did not pack the textures into the .blend file - so I had to delete all texture references otherwise I could have given you a fixed file. Anyway to show you, here is the fixed Zombie walk:

Zombie Walk

I will post the fixes tomorrow - it is late in Canada.

But a couple of comments

1. Why does the walk have 250 frames? The animation seems to be static after frame 68:o

2. The rig has 63 bones - try to get it under 40. There are a lot of bones in the hand that are not necessary for that walk animation

cheers, gryff :)

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thanks for the help the problem is that I'm using the default eskeleto blender and animations are downloaded ... now I'm looking at other options such as importing eskeleto of Makehuman ... which can not even be the best way to create animations babylon perhaps from another program that handles bvh ? I do not want is to have to animate frame by frame skeletons = _ =

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@angeltrickz : Well, angel, here is how to fix your zombie ;-) The image below shows you the fixes necessary for the file you sent me. The purple colour is because you did not pack the textures into the file - so I had to delete all references to the textures as well as take the following steps to fix the animation

1. In the image below you can see the position, rotation and scale properties for the rig and mesh - they are different so you need to apply the rotation and scale for both objects. (In "Object Mode" select each object then Object->Apply Rotation and Scale). The position is fine at 0,0,0 between the feet.

2. Now the file you sent me does not have the mesh("Feral Ghoul") parented to the rig.("Walk"). C in the image below.  So Select the mesh then Shift + Select to select the rig as well, and with both selected Ctrl + P  -->Armature Deform -->With Automatic Weights. It will do a pretty good job (you might want to tweak the weight painting of the right upper leg bone as the leg part of the mesh comes through the "pants" part of the mesh).

Will talk about Make Human later.

By the way, is the 63 bone rig you are using the "Rigify" rig?

cheers, gryff :)



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mm other questions as I leave the character walking in place ..that this not move axes ..

@angeltrickz: Glad things worked angel :) That type of issue is not new - I have been answering the "spaghetti monster" issue since 2014 :o:lol:

If what you mean angel is, "how do I stop the translation through space and just have the character walk on the spot" then look at image below.

The image shows a an animated figure in Blender and I have opened a "Dopesheet" window and set it to "action Editor" mode(window to the right of the 3D window.

Do that for your zombie figure. The yellow diamonds are where values have been set - hit the A key to deselect them. Now find the "hips" bone in the list and hit the white arrow. It will indicate values that are rotation and values that are location.

Select all the values that are location (hit B key to "box" select) across the entire animation, and then X-key to delete just those values.

cheers, gryff :)



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