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Jquery for game development


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its my first time posting, nice to meet you all.

I was wondering if its worth learning some jquery for game development. I have been learning programming for the last months, - Im still a novice - , and based on the little I know about jquery so far,  I dont know what I could do with it besides using the extend, etc methods to create, extend, etc objects.

Am I missing something ? If you use it to code your games, what do you use Jquery for ?

Thanks you very much .

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Hi, jQuery is a powerful library for DOM manipulation. And if you want to make a game with a lot of HTML elements it is a not bad choise.

But for most games we are using JS canvas libraries or complex game engines.

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In my own game I decided not to use jQuery. Its an android cordova/crosswalk app, so I managed to do everything with pure javascript.

If you could do the same I think it would be better for you.

Although I really like jquery and use it a lot when designing web sites and web apps.

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jQuery is being made redundant by the impending ubiquity of the evergreen browser i.e. very very soon (you might say now) all browsers auto-update so they're always the latest (unless the user explicitly restricts this) which means that cross-browser issues greatly diminish, jQuery's only real strength has always been smoothing cross-browser, without that concern you are best of sticking to 'native' methods, they're faster, they're more consistent and they are better specced. 

jQuery has changed over the years to make itself relevant in a changing browser landscape, but, well, its irrelevant now, it has served its purpose by forcing vendors to address the fragmentation issue. On the real downside: its got terrible performance, awful memory consumption, encourages bad developer practises and masks javascript obscurities that you really should be aware of.

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