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  1. Hello, I've tried every location and jquery syntax for hours, and I still get an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null at main2.js:47. It's simply not finding the ID of the variable I've set. Any help is appriciated. It's 3am, so I'm sure I'll feel stupid in the morning. http://qedsoft.com/DEMOS2017/mobile_app/index2.html Thanks, DB
  2. Hi friends, how to add the warp effect in my world. i need warp effect without using the shader like this; http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1WBBW0#1 how to get warp effect using the jquery-warpdrive in my world ref: https://www.jqueryscript.net/animation/Warp-Drive-Starfield-Effect-jQuery.html can you have any idea about this?????????....... Thanks
  3. Hey, guys. I'm a web developer intern at an important company. To enter they asked me to make a game prototype on html5. I thought it was weird because I was from a small town and I was like the "prodigious child" at college. I thought I was the first one on making a video game on html. I thought i was the best until I was proven wrong. Well, I've been learning, making a lot of games of my own on this platform. Lately I've been working on this beat 'em up, and all my co-workers say this is awesome. But lately I've been wondering if HTML5-based games were actually video games (existencial quest
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Sascha and I'm developing websites and games. Here on this thread I want to offer you some of my games. (step by step), if you are interested in one game, please contact me on info@kloesges.de. All is possible, just to buy a single-use license, a single-use license with you're brand, a exclusive license (if not sold in another way until the request comes in), to buy the source code or graphic templates. Just contact me, I'm openminded for a lot of ways. The games offered in this thread are build with javascript and the frameworks jQuery and phaser.io.
  5. Orbital676

    Guess who game

    Hi, I'm trying to make a version of the Guess Who guessing game. I'm struggling with how to write the code so that the computer and human take alternate turns. Is there anyone that would be prepared to have a look at my code and help me. Im a student and only been coding a few years. This is my first post so apologies for any etiquette mistakes in the context of the forum.
  6. Hi everyone, i was trying to pause a scene when the browser window is not active(eg. user switches tab, ctrl/cmd+tab, another window is currently focus,etc). To pause the scene, i need the background music and all animations to be paused, below playground example shows my approach: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1MZCTQ I got two results: 1. when I click on another window(for example a notepad) that overlapped the browser, the notepad is now focus and the browser is blur, hence both sound and animation are paused, this is expected; 2. when I ctrl/cmd+tab or manu
  7. Hello. I'm excited to share my first HTML5 game - Trade Wars: http://tradewars.io It's a space mining and trading game built for Tablets (mainly), though you can play on the Desktop and on some phones (barely). It was made primarily using jQuery, featherlight (for lightbox menus), and Move.js. On the backend it's powered by Ruby on Rails 5 using the new Action Cable framework for some more interactive click responses w/o having to do full roundtrips to the server via xhr. The Premise Tap to mine one of three space resources randomly: Carbonite, Platinum or Ultimat
  8. I am tying to use a jquery slider to plot a line on a canvas when I click a button. I dont know how and where to make the value from the slider a variable that changes with the slider, it just stays with the initial slider value. $(function() { $( "#slider" ).slider({ value:100, min: 0, max: 500, step: 50, slide: function( event, ui ) { $( "#amount" ).val( "$" + ui.value ); } }); $( "#amount" ).val( "$" + $( "#slider" ).slider( "value" ) ); a=$( "#slider" ).slider( "value" ); }); </script> </head> <body> <script> function myFuncti
  9. Hello, I get caught up in the most rediculous problems - which should be simple. I have a GUI element (widget) on a webGL canvas using bGUI, and need to click on the widget (object) and pass that event to the jQuery 'click' event. I've tried and studied every method, but I'm obviously mising something. @Nabroski provided the following code which works fine in my scripts now, but I need to avoid appending (creating) a new button to pass the click event to the jQuery event handler. How might I use any object in the following playground scene to pass the 'click' event or a 'pick' event to pa
  10. Hello, its my first time posting, nice to meet you all. I was wondering if its worth learning some jquery for game development. I have been learning programming for the last months, - Im still a novice - , and based on the little I know about jquery so far, I dont know what I could do with it besides using the extend, etc methods to create, extend, etc objects. Am I missing something ? If you use it to code your games, what do you use Jquery for ? Thanks you very much .
  11. Have 2 - 10+ years of software development experience, including front-end
development experience with HTML5, Angular, Javascript and CSS • Break down user and technical stories into tasks and work on them • Maintain our existing Flex codebase and help build out a new HTML5 codebase. • Write unit tests and code comments • Write technical docu
  12. Hey Guys, I'm a freelance developer since 2005. I'm developed about 100 slotmachines and other gambling stuff, build some casual games and working as webdeveloper on serveral projects like cashboard.de (winner of the SevenVentures Pitch Day 2014). At the last weeks I worked a lot with phaser and build some HTML5-Slots with it. Now I'm searching for some new experiences. If you need a programmer for your website or a game, feel free to contact me. MySkills: HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Phaser PHP, MySQL, Symfony2, Doctrine, Twig, RedbeanPHP Flash, ActionScript 2/3 Some Dem
  13. Hello guys, This is my first HTML5 game, it is a classic arcade basketball game. The goal is to score as many points as possible within the 35 second shot clock. Click and hold on the basketball until the power meter is filled green and then release to shoot the ball. Feedback for timing is shown in the top right corner. Everything was done with HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS Please feel free to leave any feedback (positive and negative welcome) or advice for improvement! http://brycekrah.github.io/Three-Point-Shootout/
  14. Hi How can I change the code that when the counter get to 30 seconds he will stop and start the count again..? This is the script: (function($){ // Number of seconds in every time division var days = 24*60*60, hours = 60*60, minutes = 60; // Creating the plugin $.fn.countup = function(prop){ var options = $.extend({ callback : function(){}, start : new Date() },prop); var passed = 0, d, h, m, s, positions;
  15. Some days ago I've started developing an animated odometer written in HTML and javascript, which I intend to use on a rpg game that I am developing. Right now, I am facing a problem regarding the animation. The description of the problem as well as the source code can be found here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35615811/odometer-animation-using-pixi-js
  16. Hi, I am a newbie into this gaming world. I managed to make my very first game which is a snake game : http://mahesh.hostingsiteforfree.com/snakey/snakey.html. I am good with javascript, jquery, canvas. It works fine but the graphics are very low. I think the reason is clear because I used canvas to make it. I want to make a game with good graphics. But, I don't know which library to use. I would locve to hear some suggestions. Also, please give a rating on my game out of ten. Tell me whether it can be selled.
  17. I am currently working a a dialogue system, using DOM and Jquery to have a bit more flexibility. In short, I have an issue where I need to click two times my "close" button for the dialogue to disappear (the first one reloads the pause screen). Not sure if the problem comes from the way Phaser handles pause, an issue with Jquery, or just the way I wrote my code. A simplified version of the code would look like this: Darkness.GameState = { create: function() { ... }, update: function() { ... }, interactNpc: function(player, npc) { if (this.isActionPre
  18. Hi, I build a Mind Game with jQuery and CSS3 - heavily using of CSS3 features like animations and transitions and styling-stuff, so no pictures included (except for the background) I don't know why animations have a better performance than transitions (testet on my tablet). I tried to put into an app with Intel XDK but it's very slow, that disappoints me.... Now i would like to see it published somewhere, has someone suggestions? So feel free to comment! Here the Link Magic Swap
  19. Hello guys I have started learning Phaser.js javascript library and need help/contributions to my game that I have started to make few days back. A sort of Super Mario type of game. I am struggling to design such games alone so I need help from you guys. What I want from you guys is... 1) Suggestions on what type of assets I should use in different phases of the game. 2) Generate your code to extend the functionalities of the game. 3) Also ideas on how to improve performance issues as my game is lagging quite a bit. In short I want a group of programmers working as team on this proje
  20. London's Candidates ONLY! Compatitive salary. (submit your resume with your current and desire salary range) High 5 Games is looking for an accomplished, experienced, and creative senior level HTML5 Game Developer to join our team in London, UK. RESPONSIBILITIES: You will be our HTML5/CSS/JS ninja with your key responsibility being to lead our HTML5 development, both for new games specifically designed for HTML5, as well as converting our existing games into HTML5. You will make key determinations as to how to balance our heavy art assets with the limitations of the technology, and w
  21. I've created a Board game using only HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript (some JQuery). It's in playable stage but definitely not optimized for different browsers or mobile. So i would like to collaborate with developers(you) and finish this game and release it. here's the game. Check it out: http://d3vas3m.github.io/KingNash If you have any interest to be part of this project. Please mail me and we'll discuss. Here's my mail: lucy.jaa@gmail.com
  22. I have a game with structure like this. (Some lines of code were deleted. Also all file are required by Browserify) Game needs boot.js and play.js game.js: w = window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio,h = window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio;window.game = new Phaser.Game((h > w) ? h : w, (h > w) ? w : h, Phaser.CANVAS, 'Phaser', {render:render});game.state.add('Boot', require('./states/boot.js'));game.state.add('Play', require('./states/play.js')); boot.js starts play.js In boot.js: module.exports = { preload: function() { //... }, create: function() { gam
  23. WeAreDigital have a great opportunity for a talented HTML5 developer who is passionate about creating beautiful, playful interactive content. We are currently seeking a highly experienced HTML5 Developer to develop a mobile site for a high profile global fashion client. Responsibilities include:• Build interactive and compelling web experiences using Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5• Create swish page effects and transitions • Write clean, readable, reusable code• Be involved in project from brainstorm to delivery Job Requirements• Computer science degree or equivalent experience• Experience in dev
  24. Hello!!! I have a code, just a button created via Phaser: //---------------------------------Boot module.exports = { init: function() { closeButton = game.add.button(w/1.47, h/1.272, 'close', this.closeProfile, this); closeButton.fixedToCamera = true; closeButton.inputEnabled = true; }, closeProfile: function() { alert('asd') close.key = 'img/profile/closePress.png'; } }; Module.exports - this is Browserify in the main file there is another code: //---------------------------------Main window.game = new Phaser.Game((h > w) ? h : w, (h > w) ? w : h, Phaser.CANVAS, 'game', {render:rend
  25. Hello! I have a code: w = window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio, h = window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio; holdLeft = game.add.button(w/2.892, h/1.3092, 'holdLeft', this.holdLeft, this); And I have problems setting coordinates to this sprite, for example, I don't know exactly where this one should be and I need to think out some coordinates but then I always need to change it again and again Maybe there is some another easier way to do it? Thank you in advance! I will really appreciate!
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