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Lightning beam effect


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You can apply the concept of lightning from other applications to Babylon. 

I looked at this for a small amount of time yesterday. What you need is a small glowing sphere white in the inside and blue on the outside I dont know how to do this. 

I checked this out but its not right http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HECPU#52 .  

You need a direction and allowance for randomness in that direction. You use the random position to make the lightning bolt look real. You precreate the particles with 0 opcity. When its want a bolt to be shot you adjust the opacity position on the fly. 

lightning effect look this up via google. 

This has a generic version of what you need to do via math. 


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Hi @Hudo1979

Very interesting question, 

I'm sure there are many ways of achieving this, it can probably be done with a shader,

but the particleSystem should also be able to achieve it :)


 a quick proof of concept :) :


and with a start/stop interval & timeout for "life-like" lightning flashes..



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Thank All!!


For all the wonderfull tips.

I just have some consideration, if I need lightning in a game, I probably for performance using a texture with lightning sprite?


The particle really looks cool, but is is difficult to like set emitter and target to draw the lightning

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Hudo 1979 , you have to consider several things. Do you want the effect to be seen as growing and reaching out or just a flash?

Do you want the effect to be somewhat random controlled by parameters. These are some of the artistic choices you need to decide before you 

derive a solution. 

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