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Libgdx vs Unity vs Godot


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I have some experience with Unity, which to me was a perfect fit. It has a lot of features and there are tons of tutorials online that portray most of the abilities that you need. I have to admit that it has some overhead so if you are building a very performance-intensive game, perhaps it is not the best idea. I read a blog post from the guys at m3d that they had to jump some hoops to build a AAA-game like Verdun but it shows that it is possible with Unity :) https://madewith.unity.com/games/verdun


If you want to try it out I would suggest to do the following tutorial: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/survival-shooter-tutorial. It is a nice tutorial that explains you the basics of creating a 3d-game in Unity and the end result was to me, quite satisfactory.



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6 hours ago, mazoku said:

Thank you! Looks great!

What about publishing to android with personal edition - I met a post that google removes some of the games with "made with unity" preloader?

I am not familiar with this. Even Pokemon Go uses Unity I suppose, because I saw some Unity vacancies on their website. Although I have to admit that they do not use the personal edition :P

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Ok guys but I asked for help in choosing and now there are even more things that I like - tree js looks very promising for what I need to do. Both godot and unity make big size exports for html5. How is the performance of js 3d engines with cordova for android? 

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All three engines are great but the three of them have pros and cons .You need to choose the engine that has the features that you need to help you be more productive with your game .A game engine can be the right one for many developers but not for you so you should first consider things such as 

The programming language .

The learning curve .

Your game development experience .

First of all the three game engines can be used to make either 2D or 3D games .

For Godot it's a free and open source game engine which means you can make games and sell them without paying any costs .This is the case also for LibGDX but not for Unity which is a commercial game engine but you can use it for free and start selling you game without paying anything until you reach some specific amount .

LibGDX uses Java so if you are a Java developer then it may be the best engine for you .Godot uses C++ and Lua .Unity uses C# and Boo so you need to choose the one that can be used with the programming language that master etc.

Also there many other criteria that you can read here Godot vs LibGDX and here Unity vs Godot  


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