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New tutorial : Multiplayer WebSocket Game server written in C using libuv & libwebsockets & Cocos2d-x-HTML5


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Hello all
This tutorial i wanted to publish for along time now .
As i see that the indie IO games are building their servers in C++ .
It is intro to writing MMO games but not with the usual Node.js and and similar.
But this time i'm showing you how to assemble WebSocket server using libuv (node.js C networking lib) for the server networking and libwebsocktes for the web-sockets layer.
All server side is in simple pure C
And for client side im using Cocos2d-x the HTML5 version .

Enjoy !

im planing to do the same tutorial using more flexible c++ 11.
And later i will publish tutorial about connecting the server with mongoDB for persistence
So please register to my news latter list to get updates .

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Wow I  am so tempted to write such a game server but to use pure c is such a challenge for me because I havent used it for more than 10 years. I think it will take me a lot of time to pick it up again. Is it really so unbearable to use node.js or netty as an io game server? If so I think I am doomed. 

I am curious how do you know agar.io and slither.io use c++ to implement their servers?

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