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Fastest way to gt Current Cameras forward


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I might be tripping, but don't we have a quick reference to the cameras forward vector?
Like the Unity equivalent to:

  1. Camera.main.transform.forward

I know we have one for up... Im having trouble doing simple stuff today I feel like my brain is not working.

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Some people might say... "but my camera has no target set"... but cameras (such as free cam) have a _currentTarget by default, located 1 unit ahead of the camera.  So getTarget() never fails, even on cams that have never had a user-target set.


Yuh, yuh, yuh.  I found the answer in about 7 minutes using a forum search for "camera direction".  neener.  :D  But you answered yourself before I could type this.  Sorry.  Hope it's less traumatic next time.  Did you add a note to the camera tutorial?  ;)

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