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I need Tutorials...*SUBMIT HERE


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Just got this up to start putting a central link for all my tutorials... Anyone else want to submit some and we can host it here and add it to the directory?
Just post a link of a tutorial you own the rights to Ill review it and post it for you with credits on neatFlax ^_^ ha i love that name.

Im not done with it yet, but https://pryme8.github.io/NeatFlax/webWork/
is gonna be one of the first ones on there, then ill move my noise tutorial over as well and start compiling some of my other lessons.

Ohh yeah guidelines!

Pretty much anything that will benefit game design, a lot will be targeted to BJS.

Playgrounds are submit-able, but please have an accompanying write up with incremental playground links showing the steps.

A 500x500 pxl 96dpi showcase image.

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Its gonna be just for us basically.  As it is there are so many playgrounds that go awol.  And its really kinda annoying to shift through the forums for specific advice when we could pull content out that we have all done make a write up and get it on a directory that is gonna be organized by Topic and difficulty, with searchable tags.

Im trying to finish up my webworkers one right now.

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Please submit playgrounds or demos in this format:

 type:"Demo", //or Playground
 author: "author",
 email: "email", //If you want your email included
 desc : "Short Desc",
 keywords : ['key1', 'key2',...], // 8 max
 sublinks : [{url:'url', title:'title'}, ...]

Ill handle the preview image.

Once I get more up here Ill make the whole system searchable by keyword and author.

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Hey @Wingnut do you have your list of playground bookmarks you could post for me to go through.


@jerome I know go got some goodies stored away somewhere also can I add your email to your playgrounds and demos on the author link? If so just pm it to me.


im thinkin of changing the author link from an email to their html5 game Devs profile what do y'all think?

Also about to add a carousel to the top for showcase scenes or the most recently added,. And then finish up the tag and author search querying 

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Ill go back to it once I finish my project for AIS government.

And I think you guys will be happy to know Im working on a substance designer like program for us with a full UI for building any kind of procedural texture and save them for use in BJS.  Its starting to look really cool, if your not familiar with substance designer check it out, but the tutorial will be happening as that comes out here.

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I tell you what i currently do, i do very simple architecture visualization. simple materials, poor textures. 
Programming is fun, and i will also find a solution through reading online tutorial already out their. 

So if you find any time, it would be very nice, if you can write something about


Basically i need like 15% of babylon for my current task. I feel like it is an overkill to load all this functionally, and i also have no idea how to compile a smaller version of babylon.


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Oh man >_< WHY GULP... umm I recently learned that I know nothing about GULP... I had a client who need me to know it a few years ago but its been sooooooo long.... um

Its a lot like GRUNT right? but for building ts files into js correct?  We should prolly get one of the guys who uses it everyday for their work to explain that.

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Gulp is a lot like grunt, its just a task runner. It runs from a gulpfile, which describes the various tasks. It's normally fairly obvious where each of the tasks are in the gulp file, although it makes heavy (and good) use of external modules, mostly these will have good documentation though so you should be work out what the gulpfile intention is.

I haven't used it for years as it has some flaws but feel free to hit me up if you need any high-level info, I was in good contact with some of the fractal guys behind it for a while back there.

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no, i want to cut down babylonjs only to the functions i need for a specific project. Downloading all this functions and never call them, hurts a part of me.
so if its gulp or grunt i dont mind. i just will end up with 400KB .js file :) 

But i think its very easy:
something like this

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Give me a list of the functions you need, and ill strip down the engine for you.  Never-mind just read that you basically figured it out.

Ill be updated NeatFlax sometime today or tomorrow Ill try to get through @Wingnut's list and grab some out of the forums that Ive seen that should be kept, and then get the query functions done.  If anyone has anything they wanna submit to get on the site this round now is the time to post it.

Also Ill be buying the URL here soon so you will just have to go to Neatflax.com hopefully instead of my github.io


works now...

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That is a very large topic and I could give y'all the secret scoop but then what's the fun in the journey you'll have to make to figure it out like I did ;)

just kiddding... dude a lot of it is luck and just having a open mouth about what you can do.  Closed mouths do not get fed.   There is a whole other stratigy for getting VC funding and endorsements from target companies that I could draft up but you don't wanna hear me talk about that you would be much better off with my buddy Jacob who is the guy that handles all that stuff for my crew.

id recommend meeting a business major and making them your friend.

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