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How to do this specific 3D Visualization using Babylon?


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Hello Scotty, 

I'm not aware of any project using this kind of representation, but it is surely possible!
I would use a ribbon to do it : you have plenty of documentation here: 


And even more examples created by the community here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/playground?q=ribbon

God luck !

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I would simply translate the UVs of a planer mesh on a single axis with the data you want to visualize. And for the ground mesh, I would use a dynamic texture to represent the translation of the mesh you are deforming in color based upon the data passed through the deforming mesh above.


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alternative option 




all math function with lowercase use Webgl math struct

noise ( vec3()) for random

'time' if you have animation  : sin(X+time*0.1)

var box = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("a", 50,    scene); 
     var plan  = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround("a", 50, 50, 350, scene);
 	 DrawSurface('log(X*Y)*2.+sin(Y*10.)', box, plan);


rotation sample

r_y ( vector , angle , center )


X =>  r_y(vec3(X,0.,Y),angle,vec3(0.)).x

Y => r_y(vec3(X,0.,Y),angle,vec3(0.)).z

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um yeah its kind mathy, but not reeallly high level stuff...  honestly just messing with Math.cos and Math.sin on a x and z coordinate that modifies the y can make some really interesting output.

To get more control you would really need to know your trig, or work with noises and pseudo random numbers.

The shader is a simple angular clamp and elevation GLSL shader, to get that color.

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