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Phaser collision between a isoSprite and a normal Sprite


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Hello. I have been messing around with phaser again for the last couple of hours and I am trying to make a normal sprite collide with a isoSprite. I don't know if that is actually possible and if that should be even done since depth is missing for the normal sprite ... I think there was a problem with adding hitboxes in isometric because there was a "bug" when you add a isometric sprite to another sprite as a child ( the hitbox position doesn't get fixed to the parent). (I had discussed this already in here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/25092-phaser-create-hitboxes-in-isometric/). Well I am not sure if the problem was fixed or not. I tried fixing it myself but my knowledge is still very limited... Basically I am trying to do this hitbox strategy: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/14840-separate-hitboxes-for-attack-animations/ in isometric. Probably having and isoSprite colliding with a normal sprite isn't a viable option at all so I believe the only solution is adapting the hitbox to isometric. I am also quite curious on how this game was made http://test.playwildterra.com/. It was made with phaser and I belive it was isometric... They must have found a solution.


Well I am also trying babylon and it is also very cool. However I would like to get this problem solved just to try some things with phaser on a next level.


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