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Typical audio loop


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Hi, just wondering what the typical length audio people use for HTML5 mobile games? I seem to be leaning towards the 90 second mark for background music, then looping the sound but obviously adding sound effects on top.

I'm also experimenting with something my brother made be realise: in games like Street Fighter 2 when you got towards the end of your time limit, the music sped up to subconsciously to add tension. That's definitely something I'll have to incorporate in my games.

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I don't know if this is primarily opinion based.

If your game is meant for a games portal, you will presumably have certain constraints to work under - file size, game genre, compatibility etc. If audio is an expectation for the game, then sound loops will have to be used and the length of sound will be a product of these restrictions, perhaps regardless of style/type of game (in this situation at least).

I guess I'd be interested to know, for say games that go on game portals if there is a similar value used by different developers for example, or if there is a larger game if the approach changes or not.

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