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On 10/21/2016 at 8:51 AM, adam said:

Shouldn't the lookAt function rotate the mesh so that the z axis points to the lookAt point?

It appears to make the mesh look away from the target point.




I am getting the too... Is this by Design or is the fix or workaround ???


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Yo @adam how did you work this out... For now I just use a 'Parent Holder' and rotate that 180 on the Y... then I put my object (for me its a camera) inside that and it works perfect... Note I stick the camera inside a empty and move that around to stay in the spirit of Unity... There is no separate movement like cameraDirection and stuff... EVERYTHING in unity has a TRANSFORM... they always just move or rotate a transform whether that transform is on a camera or mesh does not matter... So for me (toolkit users) a transform is always a MESH. So when I want to get FUNKY with the camera... like a default third person camera controller I am writing I just treat the camera (or its holder to be more precise) just like a regular mesh and use the regular 'Transform' movement coding techniques I am learning from Unity type Game development...

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