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A Guide To BabylonJS


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This is a new Guide I am writing for BJS which I think (hope) is ready to be announced even though it is nowhere near finished. (Only just got going really). My original idea was to re-organise the pages of the BJS Docs into a way I preferred. Some of the pages in the Guide are a result of that first idea. Then I came across a questions in the forum that I though I could answer (on rotations) but it turned out my knowledge was not quite up to my own opinion of it. So I set out to try to really understand what it was all about. As I gained understanding (well I think I did) I started to put more explanation in the Guide based on that new understanding which I hope will help others. My aim now is to pick out parts of BJS that interest me, develop my knowledge and add explanations to the guide. Shaders are something I played with once so perhaps I will go for that next. My idea is that the Guide should be complementary to the Docs.

Like the BJS Docs I generate my pages from MarkDown files which can be found at https://github.com/BabylonJSGuide/Generator

Any feedback is welcome I'll just ignore the bits I don't like:unsure:

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@Deltakosh thank you for your kind comments much appreciated. I had thought about putting submitting the pages to the documentation site but personally its organisation does not really suit me. It just seemed less effort to start afresh and organise things my way. It is the nature of open source documentation that it grows organically and given its current size its too large to start re-organising. So while the documentation is really great and I still refer to it all the time really I feel happier just having a great deal of control over organising the content and changing it around should I think of better ways of doing it.

As my pages are in md format, and are accessible from the link in my first post, if anyone wants to pull any pages from there and put them in the documentation site they are welcome to. Though that would mean duplication. Perhaps a link to the guide on the footer of the documentation pages would be a possibility. As I said earlier I do not see the Guide as a replacement for the Documentation but a complement to it.

Anyway I am really chuffed by everyone's post and I will keep going albeit slowly. Its taken five months to get this far a little bit now and then.

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