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is there a reason using observablePoint on DisplayObject?


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i'm testing to immigrate to v4.1.1 from 3.1.1

but i have many problems.  
   specially observablePoint...

why using it?  i'm wondering...

i used  expended PIXI.Point (added function like distanceTo, subtract, equal.....dot..);

but  v4.x added observablePoint on DisplayObject.. ..

so i can't use expended PIXI.Point with observablePoint..


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Observable point is a point objects that emits events when things change, this allows us to minimize the number of times we update matrices. This is one of the reasons that v4 is often faster, and this is one of the reasons why people say don't extend built in types, use helper methods instead :)

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@xerver thx...xerver
@ivan.popelyshev it's not find.. i gave example .

pixi-spine(only new version, 1.2.3, 1.3.0) can't player multianmation with addAnimation function

addAnimation(0, 'play_bg1', treu);
addAnimation(1,  'play_bg2', treu);

if use upper code, spine play play_bg1, play_bg2 at same time..

but pixi-spine play last aniamtion only..

this is happend with new version(old version is good);



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