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[Paid] Looking for Developer(s) for HTML5 Games


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Note: We try to answer all emails as soon as we can. No email reply from 28th Jan to 30th Jan 2017.

We are looking for developers for some games. 
If you are able to code any of these games or already has something similar, email us (jobs[@]projektcorp.com) for more details. Please include any game(s) that you have previously developed on html5 in the email.

We are also interested if you have other ideas or ready-made html5 games. The games have to be simple (no long instruction/explanation) and short (1-2mins), able to play in local multiplayer environment.

We hope to build long-term working relationship with you. 

Important Notes:
- We will own all rights to the games, code, and graphics after completion.
- Coders must have rights to use any graphics, music, animations used in the games.
- API will be provided.
- Project time: 1-2 month

Games Setting:
- Multi-players on same device
- play on multi-touch screen

The game details below are only guidelines.

1. Memory Game 
- Random spread of color buttons with different pitch/tone
- Game will choose 1 random player to start the game.
- Round 1, 3 buttons will lights up randomly. Player has to tap the button in sequence.
- Next random player. In a game of 5 players, each player will play once, followed by round 2
- Each turn, player home area will lights up. Home area will show personal score
- Limited time for each player to complete game.

2. Color vs text 
- 10 sec play per player. Blitz
- Player with best score win

3. Pins 
- 1 min game
- There will be a rotating circle in the center of the screen. The circle rotation will slowly speed up. 
- Each player has 10 pins to finish shooting in 1 min. If player's pin hits another pin, 2nd pin dropped.
- Winner = player with the most pin on the ball.
- Bonus: At random interval, bonus pins will appear on screen, player can drag pin back to own home base. Player will gain extra pin.

4. Cards match 
- Option: All cards will open for 1 sec before start to speed up game
- A deck of cards face down. 
- During each player's turn, their home base will lights up.
- Each player to tap to open 2 cards during their turn. If match, cards removed and player scores.
- E.g., Ace heart and Ace diamond is a match. Basically same card, same color to match.
- Player with most points win

5. Bounce
- tap to shoot ball into goal at center. Long tap for more power.
- Random size/weight; bigger ball, heavier.
- Most points win
- 1 min game

6 tug of war
- tap speed game
- Each player to tap as fast as they can within their home base.
- 1 min game


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12 hours ago, venomdev said:

I would like to work on the tug of war game but you'll need to supply the graphics, I'm strictly a coder and have no artistic talents.


Hi venomdev, the developer will have to provide all the graphics, music and animation assets.

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1 hour ago, ivanix said:


Can you elaborate on what API you will provide?  

Also what type of local multiplayer? Two people using the same device or two or more devices on local network?


Hi ivanix, 

We'll provide API for players, teams, scores, ranking, and such. 

The games will be played by more than 2 players on the same device.

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I'll be In communication, pretty loaded with jobs right now but I have other Devs that I work with that might be ready to go and we are always taking on more projects anything game Dev or webgl work is what we live for so let me talk to the guys and see if anyone has some time, and I'll check my schedule as well.  I'm thinking I may have some time next coming soon for a week or two and could most likely help yall out.  It's late here though and I'm on my phone so when chance prohibits I'll swing you a email.

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I was developed a host of interactive, child-friendly Bangla language apps for Android phones. The apps, linked to Bangla reading
competencies established by the Government of Bangladesh, cover a range of reading skills from helping students with standard pronunciation of Bangla phonemes to deciphering difficult vocabulary. Children in grades 1-3 can use the apps at their own pace starting and stopping as they need. Activities are designed to help children think logically and move away from rote memorization. For instance, if an
answer is wrong, the exercise re-shuffles and the child has to find answers from a new selection of possibilities.
 Platform: Android (Save The Children Bangladesh)
1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.readbangladesh.r
2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.readbangladesh.r
3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.readbangladesh.r
Client: Save the Children International and USAID

If u need more information about those game and platform knock me in my email [email protected] and viber: +8801674605165

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