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Blending between animations


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Hia guys!
I'm working on my project, and come to a horrifying conclusion - we need blendable animations! 

What I mean is imagine 3 animations: A walk cycle, an Idle cycle, and an attack animation.
The character stands still, starts to walk, stops again, starts to walk, and attacks. If done in blender, the animations will jump from frame to frame, not seamless. 
The problem is, from what I've seen there is no official feature that allows blending between animations.

However sometimes features hide from me, so is this a feature? I find that I never know, some magical features are hidden away in the beautiful code <3

If not, this will be a requirement for my project. In other words, it's time for me to research how babylon handles animations! :D

EDIT: Ok so after some googling it turns out the term "Animation Blending" is not the correct term. So now I'm not sure what it's called... I want to call it animation interpolation but that's not a thing I think.
 Idk if I'm explaining it correctly, so here it goes. I'm basically wanting a system that automatically interpolates the current frame of the old animations to the first from of the new animation.

Edit 2: So one question I gotta ask is how are animations run? Is it possible to basically calculate and set the bones translation every render frame? This would allow amazing tech, such as ik rigs, blending, and basically anything.

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