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Feedback on Ludei CocoonJS ?


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Hi guys, I've been hearing a lot about CocoonJS recently, so I went to their website and watched the video : https://www.ludei.com/cocoonjs/


It seems really great, but I'm wondering if it's just exaggerate benchmarks in favorable conditions, or if this is really an improvement in game performance ?


  • Is it easy to deploy an game on the differents store from just a HTML5 basic app ?
  • What about when using librairies such as Phaser (or other frameworks) or ThreeJS / BabylonJS ?
  • Is it easy to integrate differents social platform into your game
  • Same for payement / ingame purchase ?


Often on Internet people offer too good to be true solution, so I'm suspicious about most of the things now ;)


Any feedback you can give or experience is greatly appreciated !


Thanks you.


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