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Exporting Blender File to .babylon - Texture Missing


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I'm trying to export a blender file to .babylon, it seems to be exported fine except for the texture part, which is not found by the bjs exporter.

e.g. quote from scorpion.log:


WARNING: Material has un-assigned image texture:  "scorp-02_texture" ignored

This seems to happen in many models I encounter (especially in all models downloaded from 3DRT.com), how can I fix these models so they can be exported with the textures?

I imagine the author of these models is missing something simple for the textures to be recognized by the bjs exporter.


.blend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvobw5ga419ocqe/scorpion.blend?dl=0

.log: scorpion.log

.babylon: scorpion.babylon

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Hi Royi, how ya been?  I hope well.

Did you tour the .babylon file with a json file viewer, and look for scorp-02_texture inside there, somewhere?  I don't see it.

In line 3...


No talk of diffuseTexture, there.  I would say that the problem is within Blender.  Texture not assigned to mesh.  I think you need to fiddle-around in Blender until the .babylon file looks better than it currently does.  *shrug*.  Hope this helps.

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Hey Wingnut, great, extremely busy so I wasn't able to visit bjs much. How about you?

Yup, that's exactly the problem :)

The texture doesn't appear in the .babylon because bjs exporter for blender doesn't find it in the .blender file, meaning it was not assigned properly in the .blender file.

My question was how can I fix this model on blender so that the bjs exporter can recognize the texture and export it properly into the .babylon file. That's why I pinged our 2 blender experts.

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ahh, ok... you are pinging people on the BabylonJS forum, for an issue with Blender.  I understand.  :huh:

You must be using a different username at https://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?30-Materials-and-Textures

;)  (Aren't I a turd?  nod.)

Can I assume that the texture is displayed when the scene is rendered in Blender?  Or... is the import of 3dart files... into Blender... failing? 

In what format are you getting them from 3dart?  3dart == cgtrader?

Blender version issues?  Using FBX?  .OBJ?  Got details?  Done research?  Anything found?

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The website is 3DRT.com, I mispelled it in the first post, fixed.

I'm getting a .blend file, meaning no conversions issues from other formats.

I'm not able to see the texture in the .blend, however I'm not able to see it for any other model as well that are exported with textures properly, so I guess I don't know where to look for it.

I tried discussing it with the blender modeler who created this .blend (the admin of 3DRT.com), he seems to have no idea as to why the texture is not recognized, so I figured it's better to ask here, where people know the requirements for bjs exporter to recognize textures in the .blend.

Possibly any decent blender modeler would've been able to answer that though, I just felt it's better to ask people who're familiar with both blender and bjs, as we're talking about exporting from blender to bjs after all.

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@royibernthal, @Wingnut, @JCPalmer Well, I see this post was originally made in Friday at 6.23pm and by early Saturday morning (8.13am) Jeff and I are pinged to answer a question - basically "on demand" :angry:

When I look at the BJS forum, if I think I can make a contribution to an answer - I do!!  There is NO need to ping me. And I am sure Jeff feels the same way.

I should also add, that Friday evening is not a good time to post questions if you want quick answers, especially in the month of December (a time of much social activity and shopping and family demands). Some of us have a life outside BJS.

In future, I will be doing exactly what Jeff did in response to this kind of pinging.

Now, an answer. See image below.

I have the scorpion mesh selected and the "Texture Panel" properties tab selected. You will notice that a "Texture Slot" has been created ("scorp-02_texture") but the "Preview" panel is black - no texture shows. The panel called "Image" gives you two options "New" or "Open" - so NO texture has been assigned to that "scorp-02_texture" slot which explains your error message " Material has un-assigned image texture ". So load your texture with the "Open" button!




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When textures links are broken in Blender, put texture files in a unique folder (easier) and use that :


In theory Blender will find connection between texture name and filename.

[edit : and to share blender file with textures on it, in the same menu use Pack All Into .blend, this will... pack all externals files into .blend... ^^ ]

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