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Using CSG


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I'm trying to use realtime CSG, but rendering is really slow. 

I tried to use animation but it doesn't work,  so i put code in registerBeforeRender function:

scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {

            boxCSG = BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh(box1);
            cylinderCSG = BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh(cylinder);
            boxCSG = boxCSG.subtract(cylinderCSG);
            var newBox = boxCSG.toMesh("test", null, scene, false);
            cylinder.position.x -= 1;
            box1 = newBox;

box1 and cylinder are simple Mesh created using CreateCylinder and CreateBox

Could someone help me?

Thank you.

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Thank you Deltakosh for your answer,

my goal is to use CSG at runtime, in that example I simply want to cut that box with cylinder, but if I use animation with an event attached I was only able to do it using a position of the cilinder (for example cylinder at x -2), but I want to "cut" all the part of box till stop (for example till x -10) and update box1 without reset it every call.



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The problem is that at the moment cutting "animation" is something like: translate in x + cut + render + stop + translate in x + cut + render + stop and so on...., and browser after a little time crash. Do you know any way to get a smooth cut animation? Without stop on every frame e without crash?


Thank you

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Gruesome challenge.

I think... if you switched to wire-frame... and "watched" CSG after CSG activity, you would understand why the browser crashes.  I bet the wire-frame turns into a spaghetti festival... after 3-15 Boolean subtractions (trying to carve a channel). 

A monumental challenge... to do that video... real-time, with webGL.  Way way difficult, I suspect.  Possibly not feasible/plausible, but that's only my low-edu opinion.

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@Aidoru @Wingnut couldn't resist the interesting idea. Went for a sort of semi voxel approach. Not all that successful but kept me happy for a couple of days. Still rather slow loading and slow working and there are more than likely many better ways to achieve a better result. For what it is worth here is a PG


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