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Hey guys,

Wanna talk off-topic or just things that go inside your head ?


Do you know this magazine ?



I'm so nostalgic about the late 90's and the beginning of 3D on PC and Playstation. 

We can discover the softwares of this time. Some are still here (Maya, 3DSMax) and some have disappear.

A lot of process remain the same (C++, OpenGL, maths).

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You're welcome !


I like stories about game devlopment : team, decisions, inspiration, easter eggs etc...

If you know interesting youtube channels about game devlopment or technology, don't hesitate.


Mystical documentary about Russian's Silicon Valley :


What music do you listen while you're coding ?


This is my favourites station for ambiant music to concentrate, chill out.

I like also soundtracks : Assassin's creed, Hitman (Jesper Kyd), Skyrim...


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