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Wexha Planet


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@Dad72 in this project i make full solar system make that lights and shadow with mathematical .


this is sample of atmosphere but if you have flat scene i can help you to make that with special parameter just need some detail like scale of scene and clouds and time zone parameter you want ...

message me what you need thanks  


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Nice stuff, Naz (nasimiAsl)!  Dad72, other friends, allow me to try to explain shaderBuilder... if I can.

ShaderBuilder is actually an alternative to BJS ShadersStore (as best I understand it). 

What we normally see stored in ShadersStore (shader code)... is instead "assembled" from little pieces... with ShaderBuilder.  AND, shaderBuilder uses Fluent programming style, so it looks "unique" in that way.

ShaderBuilder does not assist in shader code authoring, except that it offers this "assemble it from pieces" assistance.  Sure, we see Naz make powerful and great scenes with shaderBuilder assistance, but... truth is... Naz is a GREAT shader coder, with or without shaderBuilder assistance.  He just knows shaders excellently.

AND, he understands the power and flexibility that comes with shader code that is assembled from little pieces... on-the-fly.  ShaderBuilder's "engine" can be programmed (best using Fluent techniques) to create, and quickly re-create... those ugly strings of shader code that we see stored in BJS ShadersStore and at CYOS.

By having a "robot" assemble those long strings... from little pieces... it is easy to make changes.  Just change a tiny piece of "inline" data, and tell the shaderBuilder robot to "assemble that big string of shader code AGAIN, please" (.build)... and it does it.  Shader code assembler robot!  A string-appender robot that specializes in appending-together shader code.

At least, I think that is what shaderBuilder does, in a nutshell.  :) 

Think about its power.  Programmatically, swapping-out shader code on-the-fly, without having to adjust that big long string.  Instead, just give new instructions to the shaderBuilder robot, and tell him to .build.  Then compile and install it.  We're talking... what?   Possibly activating a different shader... EVERY FRAME?  Is that something that folks could/would use?  I dunno.

Bottom line (literally)... Naz is a God shader coder.  He could do it with or without the shaderBuilder robot's help.  He must have started coding shaders at age 2.  :)

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