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Canvas2d: Sprites with transparency: Weird behaviour [solved]


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Edit: The solution to get Sprite2D with transparent areas working is to set "hasAlpha" on the Texture to "true".



I want to use sprites2d (in canvas2d) made from png files that have transparent areas.

expected behavior: Transparent areas are rendered transparent

actual behavior: transparent areas are rendered not transparent

It gets super weird, if I set opacity on the sprite to 0.999 everything works fine.

Working, with opacity 0.999


no longer working with opacity 1.0 (or opacity removed):


I will use the 0.99 opacity workaround for now., but this seems buggy - I would like my sprite to be rendered according to the alpha channel, and it's weird that this only seems to happen if I set opacity to 0.99.

Maybe I missed another property?



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@jpdev I realise that I didn't write proper documentation about this so you can't know how things are supposed to work.

Bottom line: @Wingnut is right, you have to set texture.hasAlpha = true to notice the Canvas2D engine that you're willing to use the Alpha Channel of the Picture, which will make your Sprite always Transparent.

Otherwise having an actualOpacity < 1.0 will also make it transparent, which is why you have the behavior you describe.

An old discussion with @Deltakosh led me to count on this flag which must be manually set to know if I should consider a texture as transparent or not, this is not something that can be detected.

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