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Found 11 results

  1. Is there any way to use opacity of stroke in Phaser? Like we can apply these features on Phaser.Text let style = { font: "Arial", fill: "white", stroke: "#000000", strokeThickness: "16", fontSize: "24px" }; But how to add opacity to stroke, something like strokeOpacity?
  2. The new GlowLayer doesn't seem to work when an opacityTexture is applied to a mesh that also has an emissiveColor. See PG When opacityTexture is commented out then the glow returns. Is this a bug or just a limitation of the technology at present? Or have I missed something?
  3. Howdy, Is it possible to use the new glow layer with material alpha and the opacity fresnel parameters? Seems as though every time I enable opacityFresnelParameters or alpha on a material, the glow no longer works. See this playground: If you uncomment lines 12-17 the glow layer stops having an impact. Am I doing something dumb? Thanks, JPS
  4. When the text isn't in center on transparent plane, we can't see the text. I would like the same opacity between the two texts. Have you some idea, please ? -I tried to put a light on the side, it doesn't work -I tried to raise the altitude of the text, but the text will be very far from the plane
  5. Hi New to babylon.js and I'm trying to set an visibility value to a mesh in my scene, such that I can animate the visibility to zero. The scene has been exported from Unity in to Babylon. The object in question is actually a typical Unity GameObject, whose child GameObjects all have Mesh Renderers and materials attached. So the main parent GameObject has nothing other than its inherent transform, and therein lies the problem: when in Babylon, this object has visibility:0 and no material object (in other words, it resembles the GO in Unity). What's kinda interesting/strange (to me) is that the parent GO in Babylon has visibility:0 already, yet I can see the child objects no problem. Thus changing the value of visibility of the parent GO in Babylon has no effect on the visibility of its children. I suspect this is more to do with Unity than Babylon, however. In Unity I have a similar problem if I try to animate the opacity of one of the GO's children. I think it comes down to the shader being used for the material - the one I have at the moment (Mobile/Diffuse) does not appear to present a parameter for colour and opacity, thus opacity can not be adjusted not even in Unity. For my own understanding, however, is there a way I can easily change the visibility/alpha/opacity of the parent object in Babylon that will also affect the child objects, or would I have to iterate through every child and animate their visibility values individually? Or is it really the case that I need to change how my Unity scene is constructed before Babylon an help at all? A visual of the object structure in Unity is here. Cheers
  6. Edit: The solution to get Sprite2D with transparent areas working is to set "hasAlpha" on the Texture to "true". --- Hi, I want to use sprites2d (in canvas2d) made from png files that have transparent areas. expected behavior: Transparent areas are rendered transparent actual behavior: transparent areas are rendered not transparent It gets super weird, if I set opacity on the sprite to 0.999 everything works fine. Working, with opacity 0.999 no longer working with opacity 1.0 (or opacity removed): I will use the 0.99 opacity workaround for now., but this seems buggy - I would like my sprite to be rendered according to the alpha channel, and it's weird that this only seems to happen if I set opacity to 0.99. Maybe I missed another property?
  7. Hi friends, I searched for a while, but because of the fairly common search terms I might have missed the info I'm looking for in which case I apologies. I want to use seperate/different UVs for diffuse and opacity textures in the StandardMaterial. Is this a thing that is possible, or would I have to modify the source? As always, thanks for using you're precious time to help a pleb like me. let mesh = new BABYLON.Mesh("face", scene); let vertexData = new BABYLON.VertexData(); mesh.material = mat; //set positions, indices, normals vertexData.uvs = normalTextureUVs; vertexData.uvs2 = alphaTexUVs; vertexData.applyToMesh(mesh, 1); let mat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial('blup', scene); mat.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture('./thing.png', scene); mat.opacityTexture = new BABYLON.Texture('./alpha.png', scene); mat.uv = vertexData.uvs2; // <<<< This is what I'm looking for :)
  8. Hey all! I'm having a hard time with opacityTexture. Hair just seem to "flip" somehow. I'v attached some images so you can see the difference. Any idea what might cause that kind of behavior? Code: var material2 = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("texture2", scene); material2.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("data/models/hair.png", scene); material2.opacityTexture = material2.diffuseTexture; material2.backFaceCulling = false; hairModel1 = newMeshes[1]; hairModel1.material = material2;
  9. I'm trying to display 3-dimensional maps with overlays, in the same way as it possible, for example, with leaflet.js. I have created a sample in the playground: This displays my region with an overlay for the highwater risk areas. If you wait a little the blue areas disapear. But also the shaded relief disapear. I have tried a lot with different textures of the material and different lights. I have even looked into BABYLON.Effect.ShadersStore. But I haven't found a better solution yet. Is there a better way to get such fading textures? (If possible without low level C source code) You can see it implemented on our site Use the second slider in the footer to change the opacity.
  10. Linesmesh does not seem to have semitransparant option. It is shown or it is invisible. (LinesMesh.visibility = 0.5 has no effect). I have unsucessfully with animated visibility nor with material.alpha. Animation itself works. How do I make it smooth fade from visible to invisible ?
  11. seiyria

    Text Opacity?

    Is there a way to make text less opaque? I've tried setting an opacity property and an alpha property on text when creating it, ala this example: game.add.text(,, "Test text!", { font: "65px Arial", fill: "#ff0044", align: "center" alpha: 0.5, opacity: 0.5 });But that doesn't seem to work.