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[SOLVED] - physicsImpostor.unregisterOnPhysicsCollide


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Well it must does not work with an empty array of imposter:

 private _collidedAgainstList:Array<PhysicsImpostor> = [];

this._mesh.physicsImpostor.registerOnPhysicsCollide(this._collidedAgainstList, this.processPhysicsCollisions)

Everything works fine the collisions happen... but i guess it can't find using array.indexOf if the array is empty... Dunno... But does not work

this._mesh.physicsImpostor.unregisterOnPhysicsCollide(this._collidedAgainstList, this.processPhysicsCollisions)

throws the not found error :(

Dunno... I have been thinking above removing OIMO physics support from Toolkit ... If i can't reliable provide an API layer for the toolkit collision detection ... I guess i will only support the engine i can... So far just Cannon... But hopefully this Energy.js engine will AT least provide the type of set mass, friction, restitution, angularDamping, linearDamping, collisionDetection plus onCollide Events that Cannon.js does.

What do you think @Sebavan ???


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