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(Paid) Develop Freelance Browser Desktop Game (HTML5)


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Hi Devs,
we are searching for developer with experience on browser strategy game in html5. As well include all graphics for the Front.

We need to Develop the same Mafia Browser Games or Footballmanager games, but for Develop in Europe Style and Strucutre. The Game is very simple but important is to develop it to a high quality for the customer eyes and europe standard and that is good responsive.

Important Notes:
-We will own all right on the game, code and graphics after completion
-coders must have right to use and graphics, music, animations used in the games
-Project time: 1 Month

Remote work is totally fine for this job.

Email can sent to elias_at_b88solution.com.

I will give buy interest more information. Please give me examples of works of past.

Ask me anything, or point out mistakes, thx.

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1 month for a single Dev to do a full scale stratigy game?  Does not compute, unless you got the engine ready to go or find a Dev with his own library ready to just roll out.  

I'm a power house and could not even pull that off in that timeframe unless we are thinking different scopes.

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I'll do it for 35k, half upfront cause my girlfriend will hate you guys for taking me away for a month.

just read that all the context is available. This is doable.


whats the network profile? Are the websockets in place already?

if server side is done and your just looking for client side I can drop that to 20k.


if y'all are serious pm me. I've got the portoflio, cv, and past clients to speak for me.

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