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Add existing skeleton to another mesh


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I have a *.blender model (actually just skeleton) used for animations.

So, the ideea is to load 5 models (helm, armor, pants, gloves and boots) merge them and then apply the existing skeleton to the merged meshes.

I'm stuck at applying the skeleton to the model (or the model to the skele???), that's all... but i have no idea how to do this...

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So, i just can't figure this out.

I have 3 babylon files, one with meshes, one with skeleton and one combined [meshes+skeleton].

In Blender if i import the skeleton over the existing mesh [smd files] the animation is fine, but in babylon if i asign the skeleton to the mesh the animation is distorted.

But if i use the combined file the animation is fine, as you can see in the screen [left is combined in blender, right is skeleton assisgned to meshes in babylon]...

Any ideas?

I would do a pg if you can explain me how to upload files, haven't seen anything like this...


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Another idea is also to create characters with a skeleton without animation and an animate skeleton apart and load that animations on the character with skeleton.

It's just an idea. You can also load animations on the fly. This is what I do to load animations on the fly on a character


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When you export a mesh without a skeleton in Blender, you do not get any matrix weights & index per vertex in the .babylon file for the mesh.  You cannot add a skeleton once in BJS, as far as I know.  You can have a skeleton with animation actions, and copyAnimationRanges to mesh with same skeleton, but no animation.  This is similar to Dad72, but he is coming from 3Dsmax.  It does not export to ranges, I believe.

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I've read the documentation some time ago...

Just had the retarded idea to import the animations over the existing model [in blender] then delete then animation and export to babylon.

It works like this, i have no idea what is happening. [the mesh already had the same skeleton as the animation but without animation (at least that's what i thought), maybe missing bones?( not my models)]


Edit: Any quick solution to merge meshes with different materials? or any workaround?

from ducumentation:  arrayOfMeshes - An array of Meshes. They should all be of the same material.

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