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Spil API


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Spil have quite a hefty amount of 'brand integration' requirements (clickable logos on every screen is a pain), and a basic API for adding 'game breaks' that allow ads to display.  Their QA process is pretty in-depth too - but they respond with detailed descriptions of each issue that need to be resolved (with device info and steps to replicate) which is good.


In my experience the API and branding requirements have varied depending on which of the Spil sites/brands your game is for.

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Where did you know about it sandy... I published several Flash games with SPIL but I never heard of an HTML5 API, afaik there's only a splash screen available at the moment.


Spil's branding requirements for HTML5 are a child's play compared to their Flash requirements (translations, API + scoresubmission, 3 different versions, etc) :)

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