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Windows Phone 8 support


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I am exploring Phaser for a small game project for windows phone 8 devices. So far from my little research, I think that audio playback could be a challenging task. Specially if I have to play 2-3 audio at same time (like background music + 1-2 sfx). 


If anyone had already tried Phaser for windows phone 8 platform and can confirm possibility of the same? I tried soundJS in phone browser and their sample says that device browser isn't supported. Not sure if something to do with device or its really hard to get audio playback in HTML5 on mobile games under Windows phone 8 platform.


Thanks in advance for your help & replies.

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I just tested this on my WP8 device and some of the example games do not have sound working (e.g. ConnectMe from the home page of Phaser). I also followed the FlappyBird tutorial which uses .wav files for audio but on my phone there's still no sound. Everything works just fine on desktop however. Is there any way around this to get working music?

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