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Movement glitch babylon/cannon.js


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First of all here is my project, controls are WASD and mouse.


I was wondering what is causing some kind of friction between the ground and a tank, try to press A or D for 5 seconds, it will not turn smoothly, I noticed that the glitch occurs when the tank is on X or Z axis (probably also on Y axis too but I didn't try). You can see that wheels are rotating propertly, there are no forces pushing the hull, just wheels are jointed to it. Any ideas?

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that is a wonderful scene! Wow, very impressive.

To me it seems like the wrong calculation of the forces to apply. You are using somewhere sin-based calculation like tan (without getting too deep into the code) which resets when reaching the 0's of the axes. Does it make somehow sense?


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@RaananW Thanks. No, I'm not using any forces that are calculated with sin or tan functions, I am just setting the motor force of each hinge joint between wheels and hull to the value calculated with 2 parameters, speed and rotation, nothing special. Friction makes it moving. I tried to remove the turret but this doesn't change anything.

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@wo997 - so ,..

this drove me a bit crazy :)

It seems to be related to the forces calculations of the physics engine when the wheels are positioned where you positioned them. I am very disappointed  I don't have a better explanation!

Having said that! http://playground.babylonjs.com/#11OMIX#28 . if you put the wheels closer together (or if you make the hull a bit wider) it is solved.

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@wo997 Well, I didn't mean it would necessarily need to derive from your scene. In fact I think it would be better not to, as a minimal reproduction is ideal.

I mean, if you started with a minimal scene, like this:


what is the minimum that needs to be done to show the behavior? From your scene, I can't really guess if the bug is with how joints work, or how the motors work, or how the friction force gets transmitted through constraints, or what. 

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