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Phaser API


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Greetings fellow coders , 

I recently started to use the phaser . Iam having trouble understand the API of the framework .(Iam new to js btw) . 

I will give you an example what i mean , i was following a tutorial about changing the scale of a sprite. The teacher wrote down sprite.scale.setTo(1); , and because i want to learn things i went through the phaser api -> sprites -> properties and i was searching for scale property but i couldn't find it . Its nowhere , and then after a lot of time i found out that phaser is inherits a lot of properties from PixieJs so i found it here http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/classes/Sprite.html#property_scale  .  So what should i do ? I mean how iam gonna learn the phaser framework when the manual is incomplete? Should i use both docs from pixie and phaser ?

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