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Ancient Beast v0.3 released!

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It's been about 3 long years since the last release, while the prototype broke shortly after. While this version is not yet ready for the mainstream, it is a very important long awaited step forward. Hope to get you hooked, more is coming!


Here's what's HOT!

The list of changes is quite extensive, but I don't like to bore you with any details unless you are really craving for those. Anyway, here's the summary:

  • The prototype has been finally fixed!
  • All existing units have been revamped!
  • 5 new playable creatures added, fun!

Check a more detailed changelog on the blog and give the game a go after :-)

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17 hours ago, NicoA said:

like the art :) couldnt play the game, i can play agains the computer or it is only p vs p?

Currently no bots or online multiplayer (hopefully these features will come soon if more contributors are willing to step up), but you can play with others from same machine or you can use desktop sharing software like Team Viewer and take turns using the keyboard/mouse if you really want to play it with someone over the internet.

Couldn't play it for what reason btw? Technical or lacking time? xD

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Very nice graphics and the UI has improved quite a bit, obviously lacking any pvp or bots really makes the game quite boring though.

I am curious though why you expect people to step up, especially regarding online architecture. I would not expect that and I do remember talking to you about a year ago regarding your game. Even though certain aspects might be new, the general game-play is similar to quite a few games that have come out on mobile. I don't personally enjoy the gameplay but I do hope you succeed. By reading your blog posts I would explore other avenues of getting this game done or working on a simpler game with this nice art.

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