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[solved] Rotate player correct on rotating platform


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Hi @all again,

I have a huge problem with rotation. I hang about one week on this problem. I perpared a playground: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#7CPXT

I have a player with a front side. You can see the front side with the aid of the nose mesh. It is the player view direction. The player rotates with the camera rotation. The player stand on a platform. It is possible to rotate the platform with the keys V, B and N.

My achived behavior is: The player stand ALWAYS orthogonal on the platform indifferent the platform is rotating AND the player can rotate normal  by himself in his own Y-axis direction by rotating the mouse.

In the playgound you can see my try with the nearest similar behavior. It seems to work, but how you see in the picture it dont work correct.

I realy dispair :wacko: I am open to all suggestions



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Thanks. Your demo has a strange behavior somehow (The player is flies ). I think its up to an alpha BJ update?

Edit: now your demo works again

I will try and play around with it.

Edit: Your way seems to work for me. Thanks a lot! :)

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