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Found 19 results

  1. I'm totally stumped here. Why is one mesh spinning like crazy but the other standing still? Playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#6FB40P
  2. Hello everybody! Hope everyone is going well in the Babylon community ! My issue is simple : I use the mesh.rotate() function in order to rotate a mesh in the BABYLON.Space.WORLD. The function works great and my mesh rotate exactly how I want. The mesh.rotate() function use quaternion and so the rotation attribute is set to Vector0. But when the rotation is hover I would like to have the euler rotation back! To do so I use the mesh.rotationQuaternion.toEulerAngles() function But if I set the mesh.rotation = mesh.rotationQuaternion.toEulerAngles(); Then the mesh is rotati
  3. Hey all, I've been playing a bit with quaternions to rotate meshes but I also need to use Euler angles. The quaternions are great for my internal cooking because (imo) they are easier to use and more versatile than Euler angles, but Euler angles are good for UI, it speaks to people (especially if we convert everything into degrees (the audience of the app is neuroscience researchers, so they would probably think quaternions are black magic). The BJS doc says "once you have used a quaternion, the rotation property of a mesh become null and basically no longer usable". Fortunately, we
  4. Like the title says, there is a function in Quaternion which ignores one of its arguments. I guess my question is, if the default is "YZX", this is the vector3 equivalent of rotating in Y axis, then Z, then X? Also, If yes I am assuming that this is how rotation is applied in frame, right?
  5. Hello everyone!I plan to use the Kinect v2 (that for xboxOne) to move an avatar in my scene.My idea was to gain the quaternions of jointOrientations and then change the appropriate bone matrix. Nevertheless, the jointOrientations are expressed in global rotations (each jointOrientation indicates the direction of the joint in absolute coordinates) while, if I understand it, I can only modify the local matrix of skeleton bone. So I am trying to convert local jointOrientation in local rotation:var joint; //the joint of kinectvar parent = joint.Parent();var localOrientation = BABYLON.Quaterni
  6. Hi, We have a project where there's a need to get absoluteRotation and / or absoluteRotationQuaternion. Is there a need somewhere so a pull request about this is possible ? If so, is it wise to compute it here https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/88145e1d19e13c88afd09c63a474d0af15e0d7a1/src/Mesh/babylon.abstractMesh.ts#L1312 By adding _absoluteRotation and _absoluteRotationQuaternion private properties and this._worldMatrix.getRotationMatrixToRef(Tmp.Matrix[0]); BABYLON.Quaternion.FromRotationMatrixToRef(Tmp.Matrix[0], this._absoluteRotationQuaternion); if (!
  7. Hello, This may be a simple answer. A cube is rotating around the x axis with .addRotation(). GOAL: detect when cube is flat on top, with z axis, to stop animation. So what are best ways to measure Quaternion rotation progress? And then stop the animation? Thanks much,
  8. I'm doing a label system, you can see the original post here. I don't think it's relevant but you get the background. To make it work, I created various faces on a mesh. Each faces generate a label. To know which one has to be displayed, I would like to compare their angle to the camera to know if it's facing the camera enough to be visible. After some research I came with this : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QNJ03P#1 I'm pretty bad in 3D math but I already found some usefull posts and PG on the forums and the doc. - I think I'm pretty close but I
  9. Hi @all again, I have a huge problem with rotation. I hang about one week on this problem. I perpared a playground: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#7CPXT I have a player with a front side. You can see the front side with the aid of the nose mesh. It is the player view direction. The player rotates with the camera rotation. The player stand on a platform. It is possible to rotate the platform with the keys V, B and N. My achived behavior is: The player stand ALWAYS orthogonal on the platform indifferent the platform is rotating AND the player can rotate normal by himself in his
  10. Hi! I am new to Babylon.js. Love it so far. I am trying to write a simple game. I want the game character to "float" over the playing field. Right now, I'm just trying to get a simple box to hover. I'm doing it in a somewhat funny way because I want some wobbling to occur as part of the hover. I am trying to use physics. So I have gravity enabled in the scene and collisions enabled for the meshes. Further, I want to apply impulses to the box to get it to hover. I wrote some code to figure out which vertex is the "lowest" of all the verticies of the box. I t
  11. I want to make my camera follow an object, but I also need the ability to look around, the only thing I need at the moment is the camera rotation quaterion or matrix. Is it possible to calculate it somehow? If I had Z vector of camera I could just move camera back by Z vector times n from player and it would work well. If there is a topic about it leave a link below.
  12. This might be due to a lack of general understanding - however I would like to know if there is a way (within bablyonjs) to convert a rotation (e.g. rotation.x = a, rotation.y = b, rotation.z = c) to a quaternion (axis of rotation, and an angle for rotation around that axis; e.g. x,y,z,w). According to the babylonjs docs; they seem to be exclusive of each other; e.g. if you set the AbstractMesh.rotate property (quaternion) then the .rotation property is automatically set to the Zero vector & vice versa. Basic rotation around each of the three axes (e.g. .rotation) is easier for most
  13. Hi people, I'm about to implement a new useful feature to the core. For now, it's called addRotation(). What is it for ? Well, usually the BJS users aren't big fans of quaternions to manage their mesh rotations, although the quaternions are the best tools to achieve it. Quaternion aren't intuitive, so people prefer the Euler angles, right ? Moreover BJS imposes the rotation order, what is, if I'm not wrong, YXZ. This means that, when you set a mesh rotation (x, y, z), it is rotated first around Y, then around X and finally around Z in its local space. This is important
  14. Hi, Another head scratcher for me: I'm trying to cast rays to detect if an a object (A) is in "view" of another object (B). B has got lookAt(A) attached to it, so this is how I'm constructing the ray: var ray = new BABYLON.Ray(this.mesh.position, this.mesh.rotationQuaternion.toEulerAngles().normalize()); It's not working, so what am I doing wrong?
  15. Hi everyone ! I am making a game with a friend (mazelpomme): The player controls an airplane. It rotates around a sphere and missiles try to touch it, so missiles align themself with the player. To align missiles on player, we worked with Cross product, Dot product with the down missile's vector and the vector "missile to sphere's center" (@see uploaded images) currently, our code is: missile.lookAt(Player.getInstance().getAbsolutePosition()); var missiletoCenter : BABYLON.Vector3 = missile.getAbsolutePosition().negate(); var missileDown : BABYLON.Vector3
  16. Maybe realy stupid question. So each object have Can anybody explanin why happend transform.position = (0,0,0) transform.rotationQuaternion = undefined
  17. Hello again I'm trying to animate between two rotations (from 0 to 45 degrees). If I use euler angles, it works fine. If I use quaternions however, it doesn't (it goes to about 20 degrees). See PG below, comment/uncomment lines 44/45. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RSEYY#1 Any thoughts? EDIT: Just found out about .rotationQuaternion, seems to work now Thanks!
  18. changing rotation from quaternion to euler resets the mesh rotation consider this http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZTNIZ Here I am just rotating the cube by 45 degree around y axis. This works as expected. Now just convert the rotation to euler http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZTNIZ#1 And the cube goes back to its previous rotation !!
  19. Hi, I am working on decomposing the world matrix of a mesh, I need it in order to keep rotation, scale and position of a mesh in world space (because these parameters are relative to the parent) if you import it without importing its parents. By testing different codes to decompose the matrix and to transform it into a quaternion, I notice that when you create a BABYLON.quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(yaw, pitch, roll) and you call the toEulerAngles() method on this quaternion, it does not return the passed yaw, pitch and roll. I wonder if this behavior is normal ? if yes can you explain
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