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Pk Framework - phaser based


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>First of all: Sorry for my shitty english...

I created this collaborative framework not with the intention of remaking the library(phaser) but organize code and the development environment.

I separated in three parts:

> Pkframework (github project)
The framework itself // need to documentation @todo

> Pkframework exemples (github project)

Which will be both the repository of examples as the initial development models

> Pkframework client (github project)
Install the initial models and make them work (webserver, auto typescript compile/deploy, liveload, etc ...)

I have some goals:

> Development time
- Quick installation of an initial template. (Pkframe init -p <example-dir>)
- Modular, exensive and reusable code. Create your own lib and / or packages.

> Simplify some concepts and create easy way to make somethings:

- Layers (@done)
- Paralax (@todo)
- Pass parameters between states in a clearer way (done)
- Events function as (actionscript like) [listener / handler] (done)
- Prod / Dev env, deploy and configuration (@todo)
- Premade UI layers, boxes, talkbox (@todo)
- Integrate external apis (facebook / twitter) (@todo)

> Export to mobile
My next step is create something like:
pkframe export --platform=android --release
Export your project using cordova and generate a apk. (Or xcode project for [ios])

> Organizing the development environment
If you get the code from another programmer, and this game was made using the framework, it will have a structure pattern. Which also makes it easier to work with someone.

> Make It Simple!
One of the things I love about the phaser is its simplicity. I started only with the framework, but I managed, through pk-client, to work with 2 commands.

You no longer need to worry about apache/ngix, typescript compile (or prototype native js), and no browser refreash! A very similar environment with ionic.

Only you need if NodeJS installed and pkframe client:
- Install nodejs
- run [npm install -g pkframe]

Ok, now to install one of the initial templates or examples just need to run:
- [pkframe init] // in an empty folder | default get a basic example/template | you can use [-p layers] to see another littler more complex example
- [pkframe go] // to run all the rest

// for some reason, only the first time i run [pkframe init], a get a error but, on the second attempt works. Dont give up!

With the server running(simple local httpserver), each change in the code will compile the ts(auto tsc -w) files and refresh the browser(liveload).

I wonder what you think of the idea?

How is a fully open source project, I thought of something collaborative.








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