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Snoozing Salesman is my first HTML5 mini-game for mobiles. In the game you are a tired office worker and you just cant stop snoozing. Your boss is sitting right behind you, so you carefully have to earn your money (with countless job promotion opportunities) while keeping your player balanced....

The game is already available in the App store and Google Play store (made with Unity). This is a rebuild of the game with Phaser to make it an HTML5 game. It should run well on any newer device (mobile though, I did not scale the game properly for tablets). 
The Game is free to Play, the App version is also completely free. The link:

The game is also playable via Telegram, by talking to @Samidbot (you just have to click Begin), so you can play and share scores with your friends:

Please let me know what you think of the game and what you liked/disliked! Im thinking about making a sequel of this game, for updates be sure to visit/follow:


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I got all sorts of problems trying to play via my desktop (using Chrome), the playing field was huge, much larger than the browser viewport (about twice as long, possibly longer) so it was totally unplayable. Switching to mobile emulation (via Chrome) fixed the viewport but not for long, after a couple of clicks it totally failed to resize properly.

My screen is retina and it looked like it was trying to push it to 4x the size (2x in each direction), maybe the problem is there somewhere?

After I failed to keep the salesman awake I also got an error in the console, one of your arrays isn't where it should be, error was `can not call 'includes' or null` I think.

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@bruno_ Thanks for checking out the game. It is a possiblity, but with this game I thought: Let the user just enjoy the game fully (relaxing game). Thats also why I did not really consider advertisements (and I also don't really know how to implement it yet).

@mattstyles Thanks for your input. You are right the viewport is not really correct for desktops... I used a 1080x1920 canvas and set the scalemanager to NONE. This was the only way I could display it correctly on mobile browsers (at least using my own test devices with 16:9 aspect ratio). So Then I also increased the resolution of the textures to fit the canvas appropriately. Is there any way I could make it fit for desktops without rescaling the textures? I also was not aware of the mobile emulation feature in Chrome so I will check that out. To be honest im not sure how to tackle the problem of multiple resolutions ( I can't test it thats one problem). 

I am still looking into the error you described. I do know that if I play the game in private browsing mode on my Iphone, It gets stuck after you get fired (I make use of the localstorage function to store the score, but it fails for some reason). I will try to fix it.

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Chrome device mode (the other modern browsers have similar functionality) can emulate various different device sizes and even changes various other bits and bobs to try and get as close as an approximation to the actual device as possible, you can test different resolutions (and even dpi for different levels of retina/non-retina I think) using this tool. Day to day I'm developing only targeting mobile browsers and it really is a good emulation (of course we still test and dev against real devices and its necessary for stuff like multi-touch which the emulation says it kind-of handles but does not).

I've got more serious problems starting your link now though (see attached image). Its probable (likely) that the 'includes' error I mentioned earlier was actually this one.

The sound plays for a second or so, no visuals, then the sound cuts out too.


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.26.53.png

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@mattstyles I dug into the messy code (by code inspection you can rapidly observe that I don't have a firm IT/CS background) and I think I found the issue. I have re-uploaded a new version of the game. I think I was trying to read data from localstorage, which never existed (for a first time play) and I was assigning the result it to a variable. I believe It should be fixed now. For the sound, I still have to reproduce the problem.. I tested the Chrome device mode, the input is not working correctly in device mode (slowly reacting to taps)...I am working on a solution for it (I think something is going wrong in single tap detection)..

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