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[ld38] ghost story - story platformer made for ludum dare 38

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There is a bug when you quickly change character in some way you can float up and higher and higher, so then you hit ceil, but your physic leads to teleport to second floor and so on you end up at the top of a cake, you can then go out of map :)

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SNice! Short and simple, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes the mechanics felt a little stiff or slow but was a brilliant concept. I hope you keep the project and later add more levels. Brilliant!

How did you do the zoom out at the end? I want to copy that code..

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thank you. with mechanics you mean shapeshifting or something else?  

for the zoom I used:

zoom: function(game, scale, duration,easing) {
           zoomTween = game.add.tween({
                x: scale, 
                y: scale
            }, duration, Phaser.Easing.easing).start();

but you have to notice that this messes with a lot of functions depending on the world.scale in phaser. for example mouse clicks won't hit the right spot anymore or collision get's muddled up.   

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