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Phaser Game selling ideas


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Depends on the scale of your games. From your question I get the impression you're talking about very small games.

Try sending them to portals as jjwallace said and form a trusting relationship with them while earning some cash, you won't make a lot of money that way though, not in the beginning, but if you keep it up for a few years while improving your games quality you could start making some real money. Portals can offer you exclusive/non-exclusive sponsorship money for branding and/or performance based plans.

You could wrap your games up for app stores, but unless they're something special and you've got some nice budget for marketing and/or a huge fan base they'd most likely not be a success.

For bigger games, microtransactions would be a smart option, goes for both portals and app stores. Many hit games start at portals, accumulate a fan base then release in app stores.

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