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Texture disappears and appears in specific camera angles


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Hi, I have exported model from 3dmax and loaded in babylon and meshes are cloned after load (also tried instance). But sometimes some meshes appear in scene with default color not with texture, but after changing angle of camera (ArcRotateCamera) some of them get texture back. I will try to isolate problem but meanwhile maybe someone seen similar behaviour? I use alpha version of babylon from npm.


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Ok I found something.

I load meshes from babylon file exported from 3d max. Original meshes are used just to make child instances (it has jpg diffuse texture, shared by all meshes).

Could it be so that original mesh needs to be in camera viewport for instance meshes to have texture?

I tried to wait for mesh to be ready but it didn't helped much.

material.isReady(mesh) && mesh.isReady();

Also I found hack to fix this if I change coordinatesMode of diffuse texture to any other value texture shows up and never disappears again. (looks like it is revalidated after that).


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