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Hi all, I am making an android game with phaser but when I export it, the game does not play, I mean, I just have the menu screen but when I try to start the game the sounds play but it does not pass to game sreen from the menu screen. What is the problem I do not understand, I tried all screen settings, AUTO, CANVAS and WEBGL but it was same for all.

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Without more information, it's very hard to say what the problem might be. You didn't mention exactly how you exported the game to Android, but assuming you're still running it in Chrome, you need to set up remote debugging. Google has a really detailed write-up on how exactly to set up remote debugging of Chrome on Android, but I'll try to summarise as best I can.

  1. Enable developer tools on your Android device
    1. Go into Settings
    2. Select Device Information
    3. If there isn't a Build Number enry already on the list, select Software Information
    4. Go back to the root menu of Settings, open Developer options
    5. Enable USB debugging
  2. Connect your phone by USB to your computer
  3. Open Chrome on your computer and navigate to  chrome://inspect/
  4. Open your game on your Android device, the game tab should appear on your computer
  5. Choose inspect below the games tab to get a remote view of the tab along with a debug console


This way you can see if you've hit any errors when initializing your game and maybe get closer to identifying the problem.

Edit: oh, if you've wrapped your game up with something to produce a native APK package to install on your phone, you can use Android SDK's adb (Android Debug Bridge) to get log output for your application, this has also been documented online thoroughly .

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