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babylon.worker.js ?


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I think the babylon.worker.js uses web workers to run some routines in a background thread whereas babylon.js just runs the code without threads.

This is a case where I know the right words to put in a sentence but am not entirely sure I know exactly what they mean.:unsure:

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This is for collision with webworker, but I find that collisions are extremely buggy. Slowing down a character who walks on the ground, and with time the character no longer advances as if he were held back by a force or extreme gravity that increases with time.

In short, I came back with babylon.js and everything works fine. So I give up webworker which has a catastrophic effect.

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RaananW can you say anything about this topic?

Is babylon.worjer.js this about your blog



Do we need babylon.worjer.js or not?

Is babylon.js enougt? Are physics workers implemented in babylon.js or in babylon.worker.js?

Do we need both babylon.js and babylon.worker.js if we want to use 

scene.workerCollisions = true;





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This is an old topic, but at this moment I'got the same question. In the repo I see that babylon.worker.js is regularly being updated, but docs say that the only thing we need to do to enable web workers is to set scene.workerCollisions = true (babylon.worker.js is mentioned nowhere). For example here:



As this topic is without answer - the question is the same - do we need babylon.worker.js and when if Yes?

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