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GirdMaterial - Shadow Support (bug?)


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I'm not sure if this is intended or it just isn't able to, but the GridMaterial currently doesn't seem to support shadows. I've tried different methods, but with no luck.

Using an example of the BabylonJS shadow tutorial moving the ground into a grid shows this problem clearly;

It would be awesome if the GridMaterial could support this as it provides a efficient way to render a high scale grid performance wise.

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3 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

@NasimiAsl: As usual this is impressive. I was wondering if we could have a comprehensive documentation of custom material on doc.babylonjs.com ?

@Deltakosh You are SO mean.  ;) 

Naz:  "Here, this way works, too.  Sebavan, you can borrow this for official grid material usage."

DK:  "Could we have detailed docs?"

Naz:  "You want me to teach how shaders work, in English?"  (Naz searches frantically for some sleeping pills to O.D. -on.)  hehe

Just kidding, of course, but I don't think Naz anticipated the 40 tons of added workload.  :D

Were you wearing a hard-hat, Naz?  DK can drop big rocks. :)

Here's a little secret...  "This material is created with shaders.  For more information, learn about shaders."

There's your "comprehensive documentation".  :)  ahhh haha. 

I guess I should ask... SHOULD our current gridMaterial be scrapped, for Naz's method (to get shadows working better?) *shrug*  Then maybe Sebavan and Naz can get together and Sebavan can help do the docs for the new system?  (Did Sebavan create current gridMaterial?)

All in all, I hate to make Naz write English docs... something that could feel like a HUGE HASSLE to him.  I think, if there is ANYTHING Naz could use help-with, its writing docs.  He certainly contributes plenty of other cool things.

What is your language, Naz?  Farsi?  I can learn it in a few months, right?  :)  Problem is... speaking "shader" is a foreign language in itself.  Farsi shader talk... wow... that could be a serious challenge.  :)

Wingy being goofy, ignore at will.  :)

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