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Hello, new member


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Hey guys!


I am completely new to HTML5 and in many ways it feels a bit like when I started out with Flash, when terms such as sitelocks, primary and exclusive licences all feelt extremely foreign and complicated :P

I have been doing games active now for a few years for flash, windows and later also mobile. But I want to try out Html5 now also. But could someone please point me in the right direction on where I can read up on all the basics on how this business model works? It seems a bit different from the flash industry or regular mobile? 

Say you have an old game that is released for flash and mobile. You make a html5 version of it. What is the next step?

Sorry for all questions, this is still a jungle for me. 

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LongAnimals will kill the market! He is the best Flash developer income wise and quantity*quality of games wise. Tell him you're not earning much :)


Joking aside, for me personally, if things go as planned, I might have January as my best month income wise in my gamedev career (yep, including Vampire Physics payment month). I've got a lot of work in front of me though, and luck is required :)

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My name is Steve, and I am an aspiring independent software developer. I am interested in making educational and entertainment software. I am inspired by CGI from Pixar and Dreamworks, as well as traditional animation. My main interest are procedural programming and software tools. I want to push the limits on how much one developer can produce compared with a major development team. This includes design, code, art, animation, and music.


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I thought I remove the urgence to create a new thread for everyone who likes to introduce himself when he's new in this board and start this "hello-world" thread. :)


If you want to say hello to the community after you freshly joined here, please feel free to do so in this thread :)




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Hey there,


I'm a former 3d animator turned Flash Game dev, built a few Rails apps on the side, then over to HTML5 gaming. Currently making HTML5 educational kids games for a company with around 2M users / month. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up :)


Great to see this community is starting to get together!





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Hello there.
My name is Aphrodite, and I love games, some might say "everyone love games", but I don't love to play them, I love to think about how to make them.

But turns out that knowing the rules that applies to the game logic wasn't enough, and so the scary ghost of the syntax error was always here, watching me, he made me hate programming so much, because I didn't have enough time or energy to learn and keep in mind those, mostly because studies and illness, then someone showed me Construct 2, and oh my, that was the thing I always needed, no syntax error, no keyboard mashing, a way of develloping that I love, really.

But other than that, I am a french man and I am 20 years old, and I don't have the pretention of knowing which game is good and which is bad, but I can say that if only one person enjoy one game I make, this is worth it for me. I might say that I am tempted by the fact I could make money out of this, I don't plan on having a swimming pool of money (I am not a duck after all), but a little income from a work I love, it is like dreaming.

I hope I can help some people, even though I don't think I'll be able to, but who knows ^^

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It's nice to join you, HTML5 developers.


I made about 30 Flash games and I am converting some of them in HTML5, just wanted to introduce myself as good old netiquette would require, probably some of you already know me, I am Emanuele Feronato aka "triqui".

Nice to meet you, hope to find and give great ideas on this forum.

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