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Phaser Plugin PocketDebug


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PocketDebug displays fps and timing graphs inside A HTML DOM Text element for maximum conciseness.


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pocketplot  is the platform independent version . It can be used if you want to add a graph to A plain website.

Looking forward to receive feedback (please do), ideas, contributions, optimizations so that the plugin can be enhanced for Phaser :) 

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I will probably switch to canvas driven graphics in the next update , after finding out the consequences of manipulating DOM text via Javascript. Any change in the DOM element via JS forces a paint operation , which I have measured and it does not look alright (2 ms in firefox, <1ms in chrome? safari unknown)......Also, the string building has garbage collector overhead , which already was a bottleneck I was concerned with... I'm disappointed to see these results, because I was so excited with the new features  (and displaying something using DOM text is ideal!,  I believed) , but then the unexpected.....  Do you guys have more advice? Any tips/tricks to deal with this?  

 It breaks my heart...


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