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iOS Emulator


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Likely best to ignore the adware / spamware claims - if a decent full-featured iOS emulator worked well it'd probably be bundled into iTunes?

That said, emulating / virtualizing specific aspects of the iOS workflow and user-experience is possible from Windows.  What are you developing and what do you wish to test?

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13 hours ago, Nygaming said:

Is your job to make an iOS emulator or do you need it to make your html5 game?

Neither of both, I cannot tell what I am developing but we need to send emails now and then and while it looks good on Android and Outlook it screws up in iOS. At least, we think it does. So an emulator would come in handy.


On 9/7/2017 at 1:04 AM, b10b said:

@TheBoneJarmer BrowserStack (or similar) might do what you need for such a test?

Thanks a lot! I have not been able to try it out but when we got time for it I will give it a shot.

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