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Hi all. This is my first ever HTML5 game. :)

Your goal in the game is to collect as many monsters as you can during three rounds. Different monsters are worth different amounts.


Below are some screens. I would love your feedback on this game. I always strive to create the best games possible.


If anyone is interested in a license of the game you can PM me or send an email to contact at


Game link:


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4855 is the best I can do - plays really nicely :)


One thing I didn't get was the start when it says to drag the net around, I thought from the animation that I had to 'draw' a shape within the grid, but of course clicked and failed round 0 :) But once I understood it, it made a lot more sense. The only thing I would have liked is for the monster values to have been on screen all the time, as I forgot them almost instantly.

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Neat! I got 6320


That's a really original concept. I like the 'monster' and net theme.


The color and production values are great.


I agree with Rich - i couldnt remember which monsters were worth the most. It's important because their value is really what drives you, so maybe placing them at the bottom or something might be a good idea. A couple of sound effects when you suck down the monsters would be exciting too - like a psychological reinforcement to take that action.


I haven't used it, but apparently MarketJS deals with licensing HTML5 games, but maybe you or others here know more about that.


Great work:)

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I have updated the game now and I think I have fixed all the things you guys brought up:

* Better tutorial, should be clearer what to do, also it's harder to accidentally trigger the net after the tutorial.
* The points image is now always shown on the screen.
* I added a sound effect when you catch a monster.

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