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Intercept observable pointer events accross GUI and Scene


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I'm currently trying to convert some input code to observer/observables.

Here's a playground : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#259

When clicking in the scene, the ground color is randomly changed. 

Is there a built-in way in the observable design to avoid triggering the scene pointer observer when triggering the gui pointer observer ?

(ie : the ground should not change color when the clic hits the gui button)

If not, can we pick which observer we want to be triggered first ? So we can share some data accross the observer to abort (like skipNextObserver, but on a wider scope)

If not, it seems the GUI observer is triggered first. Can we rely on this ?

Thanks a lot for your inputs ! Have a nice day,


Note : As well... It seems "scene pickObservable" already performs some picking in the scene. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour ? (in the case we want to do the picking with another predicate). Thanks !


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So the button must block the pointer observer. It is a bug (fix will be deployed in a couple of minutes)

I do not see a pickObservable on scene but perhaps you may want to check the default predicate and change them (like scene.pointerMovePredicate or  scene.pointerDownPredicate)

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