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Multiple Scene Loaders issue?


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what browser are you using?

first replace the alert(msg) with console.log(msg);  unless you want those dialog popups and hit f12 to view the developers console.

scene.ambientColor = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 1, 1); -> produces Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'ambientColor' of undefined
    at main.php:316

which is going to make all the scene invalidate because they never compile due to the error.  

start using your console and all answers will come easier to you.

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Cause of your code erasing the scene variable here:


As I was saying "you have a mix of scene being the scene and being accessed as an array"

Basically your array gets replaced by the variable which you can see in the dev tools.

Rename the variable scene (and create one not in your full script scope) in the method CreateScene.

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@Mythros before asking new questions on the forum, please follow these rules now:

1 - learn how JavaScript is working by following various tutorials you'll find on the web

2 - learn how to use the F12 / developer tool of your favorite browser 

3 - search our documentation / samples / forum / playground samples if the question can be solved that way

4 - if you still need help, use the playground to reproduce your issue to ask for help 

The team and great forum's members can't spend their time helping you until you've first done that.


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